Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Diet Day # 2 && 3

yesterday was a good day. i ate a lot (in comparison to what im used to) - but it was all healthy stuff.. so not too too many calories.

peanut butter sandwich (great for energy!)
Nutrigrain Bar
130 cals.
40 cals.
60 cals.

It seems like a lot - but i didnt feel hungry - i spread out the bit of food for the whole day.
it was greatt!

PLUS i started working out again :)
it takes a lot to get motivated to actually do it, but it feels so good!-especially after!

i had a PB sandwich (again!)
250 cals.
diff flavour nurtigrain
130 cals.
2 fruit to go's
2 x 40 = 80 cals.

another great day!
minus im craving chocolate..
those cravings are INTENSE! unfortunately - they dont go away if ignored. they last until i eat chocolate, even if it is days later!

plus i start my period soon. so i guess i should obey my body a little bit.

i put it through hell. day in and day out.
what with the diet pills and diuretics..
plus the purging. which i havent done since sunday night.

good start to the diet. im okay with the progress.
still not weighing myself. i dont know if i can bare to see the number..

think thin!

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  1. hello! just thought id say good job on the eating healthy part! you are right, it is not just about the quantity of food you eat but more importantly WHAT you eat. You should also look at the grams of fat though. That is also what makes us gain weight. I like to munch on pickles! they are yummy and have 0 calories and 0 grams of fat! :D