Wednesday, September 09, 2009

[09.09.09] * GAA.. grrrr.

so i was doing SO WELL!
but my room mates and i went to the mall to buy stuff for our house.
we were gone for like, hours!
and they decided that they wanted to get McDonalds!



mcd's is so so so nastyy.
i hate eating, but i especially hate eating fast food.
when i said that i didnt want anything, they insisted!
they thought that i just didnt want anything because i just spent so much money, so they offered to pay.. i politely declined, saying that i wasnt hungry.

they all know that i used to have an eating disorder.. and dont want me to go back to my old ways..

so they bought me stuff and forced me to eat some!!

i was so angryy!
and when i got home, i couldnt even purge because.. it took us over an hour to get home, and when we got here both bathrooms were in use..

effffffff sakes!

im so not impressed..
but i guess that means i should hide my food scale [i weigh everything that i eat!] in my room so they dont begin to wonder...

well anyways, that was my rant.
i feel disgusting with my body full of food, nasty food.

hopefully tomorrow is better...

...avoid room matess :(

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