Monday, September 07, 2009

[09.07.09] * movedd

well, i have internet for... maybe an hour?!
im all moved in to my new place, but internet is kinda sketchh..
SO i apologize for the lack of updates, and this one may just be short..

once i have some time im going to read up everyones blogs and comment,
so no worries all, ill be back soon :)

so as you know, my last week at home, i ate meals with my family.. and were they ever happy!
it was hard on my body, but i love my family, and it was worth it!
im really glad that i did that for them..
PLUS, it was healthy stuff, so i only put on 3pounds!

i was so surprised. i liked eating - only because it tasted so good..
but after, like at night, i would feel so bad about eating..
all i could hear were voices in my head telling me how worthless and weak i was for eating.

so here i am, back to eating only what i need to survive..
i moved in friday morning..
friday, saturday & sunday i ate 200 cals.
and today im at 50 so far.
my room-mates asked me to cook dinner tonight.. so i will - it is a lot easier to not eat when i cook.. well, it is easy to hide.

i hope you guys are all doing really well!
starving is not easy, but we have to take control!

stay strong, starve on!

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  1. well good for you that you only gained 3! and you are right, if your roomies ask why your not eating you can always be like.. i ate when i was making it? lol. but good job! keep it up!!