Sunday, August 30, 2009

[08.30.09] pt2 *

i am moving so soon! i am getting so so so excited :)
i lived in rez last year.. and this year i have a house.
aka. i will have to do all of my own cooking.. which i may or may not {probably not} do a lot of!
My brother and my dad were away all weekend at my brothers baseball tournament.. so my mom decided to teach me how to cook.. so that i know what im doing.
[last time i tried to cook.. a few years ago.. i lit the kitchen on fire...]
so she showed me how to make bacon, sausage, hashbrowns - all for breakfast
and showed me how to make a roast, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes & snow peas/sugar snap peas.
after cooking the meals, and it just being my mom and i, i had to eat some. i didnt even feel bad eating! i enjoyed my meals with her, and we had so much fun, just like we used to back when i was recovered. i didnt eat a whole lot, but enough to show that i actually do eat!
i didnt take laxatives, or purge.. i took my satisfaction in knowing that it is the most i have eaten in weeks, and it was reassuring to know that my parents think i am doing well.
as much as i hate the thought of food sitting in my stomach.. i think that this week will be a week of eating, mainly because i have to cook for the rest of it!
my family has been so good to me, i feel that i owe them this.
i will sacrifice one week of my journey to thin, because as of thursday.. i will be without them forever!

i think i can handle it.. for one week?
shiiiit yaaaa.
i mean, i wont pig out, but i will eat a little bit at meals with them.

and to edit a previous post..
i was scheduled to move tuesday.. but i cant get the moving truck til thursday.. so i will not be moving until then.. will still be living out of boxes though!
i cant wait to get to my new house... i am so so excited!

do you guys think that making my parents happy for my last week here is an ok idea?
i have no troubles fasting, so i can easily reverse this stuff starting thursday...

comment and let me knoww :)


  1. I'm excited for you! lol I can't wait to move out although it probably won't happen for another year, at the least. And yes, I think that just this once you can eat a little bit. It won't do too much harm.

  2. I say make them happy. As you said, after Thursday you can fast as long and as often you want ;)

  3. I just found your blog, and i really like it =].

    I am happy for you that you are getting your own place. cant wait for that time to come for me. and i agree. i think that you should just make them happy. you can always get on track again.

    I am new in this whole blog thing. we could support eachother? check my blog out?

    good luck with moving!