Tuesday, August 25, 2009

[08.25.09] *AMAZING day

today was beyond amazing!

my day started at 6am, giving me four hours of sleep.
i brushed my teeth and ran 20 minutes to the gym.
once there, i ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes.
(600 cals gone. wooot)
i then did my weight training, core stuff, and push ups
plus ball exercises.
this took 25 minutes.
i like to be at the gym for an hour and a half..
so i went on the elliptical for 25 minutes.
then i ran 20 minutes bak home!

i felt INSANE!
i love working out so much. it always makes me feel so amazing after.

i went to work at noon, but it wasn't busy so i got to go home at 4 instead of 6.
i should have swam.but my legs were tired.

all i had to eat today was an apple.

i have rediscovered my collarbone and my hipbones :)
my wrists are looking knobby (sp?)
but my thighs wont budge.

im planning tomorrow to be the same as today.. only i am hoping to get more sleep tonight!

i only have a week left at home, and i wont lose that much weight in a week.. so i might as well go hardcore ana now!
my brain is in no food mode, and loving it.

there is no better feeling than your stomach being totally empty!

stay strong, starve on lovellies :)


  1. Your workout routine sounds a lot like mine =)
    Keep it up and I'm sure you'll find your success quick enough!

  2. That's really great! Stay strong :) Your thighs will get there soon.