Thursday, August 27, 2009

[08.27.09] * moving. update

i haven't updated in a few days..
i am in the midst of moving back to university. last year was my first year, so i lived in rez. this year i am living off campus with friends a made in rez. i miss them so much. the closest one lives two hours away, and i havent seen any of them since april! so i am pretty pumped to get to see them again. a lot of my stuff is in boxes, and i have no idea where certain things are. i start moving on tuesday.. but i have a lot of packing and organizing to do since i am moving out of my parents house forever!
it is sad, and its going to be really hard. i love my parents so much! we are so close [other than the fact i lie about eating and whatnot], but we have an amazing relationship. i am going to miss them lots, and my little brother [he's about a foot taller than me - gianttt!]. but once i move in and get into the pace of school again, i will stop missing the fam. I will be so busy weighing food, counting calories, working out, blogging and of course, going to class!
I cant wait at all!

so tomorrow is my very last shift at the pool, EVER!
i have been a lifeguard for 5 years now.. and have worked at the same pool. i am officially finished after tomorrow, since i will not have any more terms off to have a summer job. i started saying my goodbyes to those who i will not be seeing tomorrow. again, it is sad.
and when im sad, i definitely do not eat! which is a good thing. sadness causes me to lose my appetite. wooot.

today was a good day. i havent eaten since tuesday, and i am starting to get the light-headed, dizzy, super out of it feeling. and as terrible as it sounds - i LOVE itt! it is so greatt!
but i will have to eat something tomorrow since i work 9 hours.. and work is really draining, and i have to be really alert [&i need to be strong] - so i will eat tomorrow during the day, and then start another fast tomorrow nightt!

only got an hour and a half workout in today - but better than nothingg!

hope everyone is doing well. i will read everyone's updates and leave comments tomorrow.. i have to be to work in six hours and am in desperate need of sleep!

think thin.
stay strong lovellies :)

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  1. woo you sound like you dont have any trouble fasting. i have just made me blog so it sucks, im looking for a ana friend?
    elle x